The Not-So-Happy Day After Thanksgiving

This is just a brief post to declare that there should be a mandatory recovery day after holidays, and not just because I ate too much turkey and am currently in tryptophan withdrawal, or because pumpkin pie isn’t (but should be) one of the major food groups (it’s a vegetable, right? or is it a fruit?).

No, the reason I need a day of recovery is not entirely food and alcohol induced, but rather, due to the fact that I’ve arrived back at work only to discover that the rest of the world was working yesterday, and have left me a stack of work thick enough to choke even Mr. Creosote of Monty Python fame, and so before I disappear under a mountain of work, darlings, I thought that I would say hello and let you know that I survived my long Thanksgiving weekend, and had a lovely, restful time. Saturday was just wonderful weather, and I confess to parking myself in the sun for hours and consuming copious quantities of a variety of beverages intended to make it difficult for me to stand up. And so I resisted the urge to stand up, and instead enjoyed the horizontal nature of my situation.

And now to work. If you need more from your favourite dilettante, I did contribute an article to The Outlier Collective, which I’ve reblogged for your reading pleasure here on my site.


5 responses to “The Not-So-Happy Day After Thanksgiving

  1. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Never seen that video before. I’m going with laugh. Just talking about Monty Python with another blogger a few moments ago. How some of their stuff was exquisitely funny and other bits outlandish and a bit OTT. The Holy Grail and Life of Brian being two aces.
    You sound like you enjoyed being horizontal. Always a good position for enjoyment. :)x

  2. Aha… Now you know how us Brits feel when we get slammed for having Boxing Day off after Christmas Day, and a public holiday or two in August….. Mr Creosote… aaah, the memories!

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