Well, my day is wrapping up, and it’s been a good one, darlings. I let Jessica out of the basement for some air and she produced the next chapter in her ongoing serial. And now comes the long weekend for us here in Canuckistan — a time when we celebrate the brewing of fine ales, good wines, and Al Gore’s greatest invention, the pumpkin pie. I’m officially declaring all my UK friends honourary Canuckistanians so that they, too, may revel in the glory that is a tryptophan coma after eating too much turkey. If you are American and you just read that statement and are feeling left out — not to worry — you can celebrate, too, but just call it Columbus Day. (Also, stop being so fucking greedy — you get Thanksgiving in another few weeks, and we Canucks get NO corresponding holiday!)
So a happy and healthy holiday to all my fellows who live north of the 49th parallel (or thereabouts — it’s not exact, and to be honest, I think I may live just below, but who knows) and to those who aren’t fortunate enough to be born Canadian, I wish you well with your impediment.
I jest, darlings, I jest. Just be aware that I may be incommunicado for a couple of days — I hope you’ll manage.
Your favourite dilettante,
Helena Hann-Basquiat



  1. The UK does not have enough turkey-related holidays, it’s true. I shall have a chicken and stuffing sandwich in your honour and look forward to Christmas. Mmmmmmm

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