It’s raining again. Not the pleasant thundershower of the summer, where the air is filled with static electricity and the smell of ozone, but the damp drizzle of fall, when everything just smells soggy. It’s the smell of grey, and it washes away the smells of cinnamon and pumpkin that were just there days before, making me feel like a kid again, waiting for cookies or pie to come hot out of the oven. It washes out the colours of the changing leaves, making everything duller and dimmer somehow. It leeches my joy, like some drizzly vampire, and leaves me feeling a pale reflection of my former self.

It makes me melancholy, and I just can’t seem to shake it.

Hibernation’s where it’s at.

Just sayin’.


14 responses to “Rain

      • Don’t struggle. It does only make it worse. Try to’ relax’ into it and leave the visuals behind on this one. Close your curtains, light a fire or some candles. Put on a nice big cosy jumper or dressing gown or whatever. Eat hot, buttered toast washed down with gallons of hot tea. Then some chocolate. Comfort food and comfort conditions.
        Gawd, I want that myself now!
        If unable to hibernate in reality then a little simulation may be good for the soul.x

  1. I feel your pain – and this is why I decorate for all seasons starting with Halloween – if I can take my mind off the grey with fairy lights and fun things, then I’ll survive another winter. Of course, at the moment my house is a haunted mausoleum, but its a fun mausoleum! 🙂

  2. It’s the season to let ourselves be. I always get down in winter (though I know you’re DOWN-down), so I try to do all my personal growth and big projects in summer when I’m perky, and just freaking let myself BE in winter. There are no expectations. You’re already doing plenty for other people. It’s OK to settle into it and indulge in hibernation as long as it’s what you *want.*

    • I just need some recovery time I think from the upheaval. I got my books set up nicely now and it feels a bit more homey. I’m trying to get lots of sleep, as that is said to be good for re-setting ones self mentally.

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