A Shameless Advertisement: Dear New Reader

Dear New Reader,

You know who you are. You’re the one who read a Friday Fictioneers piece featuring the Countess and me, and you chuckled and took a precious three seconds to click the Follow button, and now all of my posts show up on your Reader board, but you’re not sure what the hell is going on with my blog, exactly, or what you should read.

Fair enough. And to be completely honest, darlings, I’m not exactly producing the same level of output that I was a few months ago, when everything was fresh and sexy, and I knew where everything went, and just where to touch you to give you that pleasant shiver — but now… now, it’s all old hat,

So while I am busy trying to edit and annotate the first volume of the memoirs for publication, drop by The Sordid Tale So Far to browse by tantalizing title for something to read.

Or, if you haven’t been reading Jessica Bell’s Bayou story, check that out here.

Jessica says she may have a new swamp story later today, but no promises.

I’m off to go editing and annotating, now, darlings — so feel few to rummage through my old things and borrow whatever you like.

Your favourite dilettante,

Helena Hann-Basquiat


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