Strange Dreams

I woke at three a.m. after having the strangest dreams. Perhaps you’d care to analyse them, darlings.

The first dream I remember, I was trying to order a decaf Americano from Starbucks (only

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons (Photo credit: Corey Buffett)

it wasn’t Starbucks, I remember that much — it was a Tim Horton’s, and believe me, they don’t do Americanos there, and if they do; well, they shouldn’t) and the cashier took my order and then proceeded to go make it, only as I watched him, he was clearly not making it decaf, and I called him on it.

Now, at this point, I distinctly remember feeling dizzy and nauseated — and isn’t that strange that I can remember physical sensations from this dream?

I started getting more and more upset, and told him that I wanted it decaf, and he kept trying to tell me that he didn’t know if he could do that, and that he’d have to ask his manager (the boy was none too bright).

At this, I got furious, and let loose a roar like a lion and then collapsed on the floor and fell absolutely unable to speak. I just kept trying to pull up the Countess’ number on my phone to get them to call her to come pick me up off the floor.

English: Tori Amos in concert in Frankfurt, Ge...

English: Tori Amos in concert in Frankfurt, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay — cut to dream #2 (and this one is so Freudian that even I think I’m nuts). I’m at a Tori Amos concert and she’s playing away, and suddenly her piano is transformed into a giant penis, but it doesn’t faze her at all — she just keeps banging away on the giant dick (sans testicles), and when she gets to the… ahem… climax of her performance, well, perhaps you can guess what happened next.

Yes — I finally got my coffee — only it shot out the end of Tori’s penis piano!

So… a penis-playing pianist and a nervous breakdown at a coffee shop.

Let the analysis begin, darlings.




11 responses to “Strange Dreams

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  2. First of all, let me tell you it quite selfishly comforting to know I am not the only with whacked out dreams.
    For the analysis, I think both represent your strong desire to have better control over things transpiring now in your life,less outside influence more your influence. It can also reflect upon changes you notice in your own personality and actions which you are not satisfied with. Hope it helps:D I am glad I don;t drink coffee, I think I will never look at it the same from now on:D

  3. Something tells me the piano-penis is not in the dream analysis book I have at home. I agree that the first one probably means feeling helpless against the outside influences that want to control/alter what you want/want to do. You do however, have a very powerful ability to break free from that – lion’s roar – but something is keeping you from exercising it.

    As for the second dream. . . well, at least you got your coffee. Was it decaf?

  4. Oh boy, I’m a bit more of a behavior analyst, but dreams have always fascinated me, indeed. They are a bit less tangible and entirely subjective, however, I love a challenge.

    When we’re dreaming, our brains are still taking in sensory input from the world around us while we sleep. Meanwhile, we are creating a projection of the world that is equally as real (at the time) as the waking world. Its rare that people’s faces have detail in our dreams and its equally as rare to feel physical contact or create physical sensations that we experience in the first person while dreaming. Its fascinating that you were able to recognize feeling nauseas and dizzy! This could be the way stress was manifesting itself in your dream world. The fabric of your (then) current reality was literally falling apart as you began experience destructive emotional turmoil in reaction to the lack of control over the frustrating situation with the cashier. Its funny how the strangeness of our dreams doesn’t seem to occur to us while dreaming, like the fact that you were ordering an Americano at a Tim Horton’s, haha!

    And the second dream, well, perhaps you were grouping cravings together? Maybe someone wanted a little sugar with their morning coffee? 😉 haha (though I understand it was uncharacteristically salty, yes?) This was too funny!

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