If you’ve been following my little blog at all, you’ll know that I suffer from migraines, and some of that has to do with a complete intolerance for MSG. While I try my best to avoid it, there are times when I wake up with a nausea-inducing headache and cannot pinpoint exactly why. And when you’re in the type of pain usually reserved for the Spanish Inquisition, it makes it very difficult to think, and to create, or to stick to your schedule. On the other hand, it makes it very easy to say to yourself “Let it go — you’re not going to be at your best anyway, darling, so don’t bother. Get yourself better and then go back to writing.” It really is awful when my own body or mind sabotages me like this, but it’s something I’ve had to live with, and I just keep plowing through as best as I can.

So I’m taking my own best advice and not trying to work on what I wanted to do today, which was continue writing the series of novels I’m working on. 

Instead, I will edit. I can edit with a migraine — no problem. And while it might not be a lot of fun, it needs doing. And so if you need me, I’ll be editing and annotating the memoirs volume one, which I hope to be ready for publication in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Festivus. But only if I put in the work necessary to make that happen — so away I go, darlings.


12 responses to “Sabotaged

  1. Durn bodies. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Actually, scratch the first part. Many condolences for the migraine, and may you declare an armistice with your nervous system very, very soon. Take it easy.

    • I just got back from an Arctic expedition, darling, and I fear I may have contracted something from the strange men we found there. They had a strangely carved figure, and they were dancing around it and chanting in a strange language. I could only make out a few words — something about R’lyeh and fhtagn… And C’thulu

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