I Don’t Like Mondays – The Dilettante Edition

Where did my weekend go? I had a wedding on Saturday that took up all my time, and then I spent half the day Sunday recovering, and then dragged my magnificent ass out of bed, and went out in public looking like a homeless person, or a celebrity trying to avoid being recognized.

When this morning rolled around, try as I might, I could not convince myself to just quit my job, stay in bed, and worry about finding some other way to keep a roof over my head later.

I thought I’d drop in, because I, unlike SIR (yes, really) Bob Geldolf, I recognize the merit in creating something new for your fans to consume rather than just coasting on the success of a thirty year old hit. True, it’s not the rest of the Return to Arcadia story, but then, even the best bands put out the obligatory Greatest Hits package to tide fans over until the next proper album.

I believe Bob Geldolf & The Boomtown Rats have more Greatest Hits albums than actual albums, and they could have just saved themselves a lot of production money by just filling them all with I Don’t Like Mondays on repeat, because really, without doing an internet search, name another Bob Geldolf song (and Do They Know It’s Christmas? doesn’t count).

I’m telling you darlings, once he shaved his eyebrows for Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” it was all downhill from there.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s Russell Brand with a witty rejoinder:


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