Friday Fictioneers – Yuki Battles Godzilla and the Honey Monster Robots from Outer Space (a.k.a. Bad Subtitles)

copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Yuki watched in horror as the actor’s lips moved out of synch with the badly dubbed dialogue.

HA HA! Now I have you, Honey Monster! HA HA!”

Her new American boyfriend said he loved Japanese cinema, and Yuki thought that was sweet, until she discovered he meant that he liked Kaiju – monster movies.

This was pretty symptomatic of their budding relationship, which Yuki knew was doomed, much like the giant bee after Godzilla was done with him. She would say one thing and he would hear another.

“This was supposed to be a love story,” she sighed under her breath.


100 Words

This is part of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Challenge (which you can find out more about here). You don’t have to write to read and comment, but if you write, you should probably go read others’ stories. Just sayin’. Challenge yourself to read all of them — that’s the real challenge, darlings.

My story this week popped into my head immediately — the metaphor, anyway. I started funny and then ended up with pathos — what can I say — isn’t it pathetic? Don’t you think? Kind of like rain on your wedding day, or a no smoking sign on your cigarette break or some other line from that song that described pathos and not irony, despite its insistence that all those examples were ironic?

If no Canadian has personally apologized to you for Alanis Morissette yet, darlings, consider this my apology on behalf of an embarrassed nation.

As I get a chance to read, I will be posting my favourites below. Do check back from time to time, as I have impeccable taste, darlings.

You’ll all read Rochelle’s tale no doubt, but that doesn’t mean I can’t mention here that her story is wonderfully written.

AnElephantCant’s The Spaceship has a great Twilight Zone vibe to it.

Pinionpost has a great tale in “Too Many Flowers” — which is in itself a great metaphor for infidelity.


73 responses to “Friday Fictioneers – Yuki Battles Godzilla and the Honey Monster Robots from Outer Space (a.k.a. Bad Subtitles)

  1. “Look Godzilla!” My lips just moved, but pretty much after I finished saying that. Great take on the prompt likening a relationship to the out of sync dialogue in cheapass foreign movies. The only thing missing is Raymond Burr!

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    • I find that those off-hand, almost throw away last lines can tell the entire story — as if the first bit is just filler and the last line tells you what’s REALLY going on. It’s kind of my M.O. If you go back and take a look at my short fiction, I do it a lot. I’m a one trick pony when it comes to storytelling, I’m afraid.
      But it’s a good trick, so people don’t seem to mind seeing it again and again and again.
      I wonder, though, how successful David Copperfield would have been if all he ever did was one trick.
      “Yes, David, you’re terribly clever… now bring back the Statue of Liberty, please.”

      • I like your MO – it’s a good one, and it works! I’m running on borrowed energy at the moment, but I am really looking forward to reading the Jessica B. Bell posts this weekend. What I skimmed looked very entertaining!

  3. I love this part “This was pretty symptomatic of their budding relationship, which Yuki knew was doomed, much like the giant bee after Godzilla was done with him. She would say one thing and he would hear another.” as well as the perfection that is the last line.

    I would never think to connect (terrible) subtitles to a relationship this way. And I certainly wouldn’t have gotten any of that from the bee. Bravo!

    • This was probably the flash-iest of fictions I’ve written — there’s really nothing more to say. Often times I feel like I’ve condensed something bigger into something compact, but this one is just what it is. 100 words that say it all.

    • This was one of my favourites, Jen. A lot of the time I have to think about it and it comes after a couple of days, but this one hit me in two minutes — I hardly did any editing. Hell, the title took more time to come up with! Thanks for the great photo!

  4. Dear Helena,

    My parents used to tell my brother to take his little sister to the movies. A lot of them were dubbed Japanese Sci-fi’s. I feel Yuki’s pain and I enjoyed your story.

    Thanks for the story nod. 😉



  5. You had me smiling from the title, which was outrageously funny and creative, involved with the dubbing humor of the first paragraph, and cringing at the doomed relationship vis-à-vis the doomed bee. Great story. Randy

  6. Well, great take on the picture. As for reading everyone’s, I don’t. Not that I don’t want to, it’s just I never seem to have time. Now that I have been chastised for it I will try harder. 😉

      • Yours is usually one of the more interesting so I just have to read yours! It is hard to read them all but I do try. Have a great Saturday!

  7. Your story struck quite a few chords; painful memories of love affairs that gutted and died; out of sync conversations with people that happen every day… It was great that the story just came to you, some of the best thappen like that.

  8. lol it’s a funny story but i’m sure too that many people can relate to it 🙂 when someone says one thing and the other hears another, that’s pretty much the end of it. great story 🙂

  9. Oh man, I like Kaiju too! And my wife doesn’t care for Godzilla as much as I do. But we watch all kinds of Asian cinema together. Very funny and a great read.

    • Yes, that was definitely on my mind — I adore Guillermo del Toro, but was a bit disappointed that, with all the rumoured film projects he was attached to, that Pacific Rim is the one he went with!

  10. Ahh, let’s hope for Yuki, and for ALL our sakes’ that love stories do sometimes exist outside of the cinema.

    Or we could just give up. Can I give up?

  11. Just to clarify, there is NOTHING wrong with Kaiju love. It’s a high art form in fact, and most guys who are into it – or so I hear – are absolute Keepers… =)

  12. The poor, unsophisticated American, completely missing the boat on this one. I bet Alanis Morissette likes Godzilla movies. A better choice for him!

  13. SO been there, darling. ‘Japanese cinema’ seems to mean entirely different things to men and women. You want Totoro, he wants ninjas. I don’t mind the monsters, though 😉 I like monsters.

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