Coming Soon — More Jessica Bell

I’ve been discussing a story idea with my favourite Texan (no, not Dubya) about a BBQ Shack in the Louisiana bayou where there lives (or so the legend goes) an ancient swamp monster. Part horror, part dark comedy, this tale would be in the vein of Tales from the Crypt, or like something out of those old EC horror comics that caused all that fuss back in the ’50s and caused Fredric Wertham to write that awful “Seduction of the Innocent” book that claimed that comics were going to turn children into deviants and criminals and homosexuals.
But who would write such schlock? Blood, gore, questionable foodstuffs? Certainly that’s not something your favourite dilettante would stoop to, darlings!
And so I’ve passed the idea on to my good friend Jessica, who will be popping by to entertain you with THRILLS! CHILLS! and KILLS! sometime in the near future.
Jessica? Who’s she? What’s she like? Well, darlings, she’s a scary one, that bird. She dresses all in black, wears more mascara than Robert Smith, smokes filterless Camel cigarettes through a twelve inch cigarette holder, and is forever wearing elbow length black patent leather gloves.
She spends her days in a room with blacked out windows, writing by candlelight and listening to Bauhaus.
Not even I am brave enough to inquire after her nocturnal activities.
So stay tuned. If you show up here one day and there’s something distinctly non-Helena, well, you’ll know that Jessica’s got me tied up in her basement and has taken over.
But don’t panic, darlings — I think I remember the safe word.


2 responses to “Coming Soon — More Jessica Bell

  1. I thought I was your only Texan…

    Can’t wait for Jessica to make an appearance…with all due sympathies to your inevitable time spent in the basement.

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