A List of People I’ve Never Met But Miss Dearly

A while ago I wrote a post about how I missed Jeff Buckley. It was eloquent and touching and I’m quite proud of it as a tribute and as a piece of writing — categorize it how you will.

This will not be one of those posts. This is just me feeling nostalgic for musicians that have died during my lifetime, and something for me to share with you all on a Friday afternoon.

So, in no particular order (and by no means a complete list, so if you see someone missing, please feel free to add their name in the comments section)

Warren Zevon – Everybody knows “Werewolves of London” but he was so much more than that. He could write a tender ballad and had a wry sense of humour.

George Harrison – I never knew how much I’d miss the quiet Beatle until he was gone.

Elliot Smith – this may be the saddest story I’ve ever heard, and I’ll not get into it here or I’ll start crying all over the keyboard. But if you’ve never read his tale, look here

Joe Strummer – One of my first great musical loves was The Clash, and Joe Strummer was the fucking man.

Richey James Edwards – Who? Yeah… The guitarist from the Manic Street Preachers that wrote all the really cool and subversive stuff on their early records.  Check this out.

And though I was just a little girl, I’ll leave with this one. Have a good weekend, everyone..

John Lennon


5 responses to “A List of People I’ve Never Met But Miss Dearly

  1. I think quite a few people would like to meet Richey James Edwards. Largely to ask him where he has been the last 18 years!

  2. Have you heard Jeff Buckly’s rendition of Henry Purcell’s Dido’s Lament? Amazing. The guy could sing. But I miss his dad too. There’s a video of Tim singing Song of the Sirens on youtube.
    It was from the Monkee’s TV show in ’68. Staggeringly beautiful.

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