… the Closer I Get

Really, Helena?
Any excuse to post a Morrissey video, darlings. His voice gives me the shivers, if you know what I mean.

Well, I had an adventure last night (spontaneity has not been good to me of late) that has jump-started my creative juices, not unlike Moz’s voice and Charming Man good looks jump start my other juices (oh naughty naughty) and I tossed and turned last night forcing myself to try to sleep rather than get up and write down what was frantically racing through my head.

While I was successful in at least staying in bed (sleep eluded me until the wee hours of the morning I regret to say), when I dragged my ragged self out of bed late in the morning, I immediately picked up my laptop and furiously composed what I believe will be a wonderful start to Volume Two of the Memoirs, setting both the pace and the standard going forward. It may seem quite different than you are accustomed to (and don’t worry, I’m still the same old dilettante you know and love, darlings), but I made some different stylistic choices in terms of voice, though I’m sure you’ll still recognize it. And if you’ve read anything I’ve written before, you’ll recognize the subject matter — Arcadia.

I was going to go ahead and post it today, but it’s such a lovely day here, and I’d hate to think that you’re inside reading my blog when you could be out soaking in the sun. I’d be doing the same, but I’m afraid our beaches in Toronto are a) not as sandy and glamourous as you’ve heard (ha ha) and b) a little worse for wear due to the recent flooding we’ve been dealing with here. Anyway, I’m quite proud of this forthcoming piece, and I want you to enjoy it on Monday, when you can use it to take a much needed break from the dreary working week. Until then, enjoy Morrissey, who, like me, won’t abide being ignored.


2 responses to “… the Closer I Get

    • I’ve heard that there’s a restaurant here somewhere that cooks using only insects (or there was, anyway — I shudder to think that it survived very long) — I wonder if it was the same one.
      As I was exhausted from my adventure the night before, I spent the afternoon napping/watching Sherlock. Not a bad afternoon.

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