Take a Chance

This is a shameless plug for yesterday’s blog entry, entitled LAID (A Halesowen Adventure). It’s the longest post I’ve ever written on here, coming in at just over 3000 words, and while I thought about splitting it in two, I feared that in this case, the story would either a) lose momentum, or b) that you wouldn’t come back for the rest of it. And so I took a chance on my readers, and on the possibility of new readers being daunted by something so big and long and hard….ly a piece of micro-fiction. And really, darlings, that would be a shame, because, not to be overly self-promotional (which I cannot possibly imagine being, seeing as I’m essentially posting a giant billboard saying GET LAID… by Helena) but this one is something special, I promise.
And so I’m giving you a nice short post today, because hey, I’m brewing something else up — just as a hint — you’ll never guess who dropped by last night. Her name rhymes fantastically well with “Wyenne Chyoming” and she didn’t come alone.
So please, enjoy the ABBA song (one of the very few of theirs I still love — yeah, yeah, but hey — even the Stones went disco, darlings) and then head on back to read about a young Helena in love… or lust…. or infatuation…. whatever a seventeen year old feels.


P.S. if you have absolutely NO idea what I’m talking about, I’ve posted the related articles below. Son of a Preacher man will tell you all about how I found myself across the pond, and Losing My Religion will give you some insight as to what I got myself into there. Then it’s on to LAID, and, well, you’re smart, you can probably figure out what’s going on there…


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