The Changing of the Guards – Friday Fictioneers



Molly always dreamed of being on stage.

She was over the moon when she got the smallest part in the local theatre and broken-hearted when they told her that they were going with her understudy on opening night.

She didn’t know bit parts like hers had understudies, but when she saw the director’s girlfriend backstage, it all became clear.

The silly tart had one line: “Hail Dorothy! The Wicked Witch is dead!”

She couldn’t even get that right.

Molly supposed she didn’t get the part by virtue of her acting abilities.

Fuck ‘em, Molly thought. I’m keeping the goddamn costume.


100 Words Egg-Zack-Tick-Muhammad Ali

This is three weeks in a row where on Day One, I say to myself, Helena, I say, maybe you should just skip this week. To which I reply, No, just wait, something will come to you, darling. And I consider this for a moment and ask, Do you think it’s healthy that we have these two part inner dialogues? And that gets me thinking too much, and a bit paranoid, and I say, Do you think it’s healthy that you referred to you and I as ‘we’?  And then it just goes around in circles for a while, and then I wash my Xanax down with some nice red wine and the rough edges of the world go a bit fuzzy, like a teddy bear some nice boy wins you at the carnival, and then figures that he’s entitled to put his hands all over you, and then you slap him in the face and knee him in the groin and walk away in a huff, wondering what ever happened to honest chivalry.

You know, or something like that.

So there you go, then. This picture brought the phrase “She’s… she’s dead. You killed her.” to mind, and so I went with that. Hope you enjoyed it — if not, please be very vocal about your hatred of my sad attempt at micro-fiction. Your loathing will be like sweet music to mine ears, darlings.

Oh, do say something, in any regard.

If you want to find more of this “Friday Fictioneers” thingamawhosa-whatsits, go here, where Rochelle Wisoff-Fields will direct you to the photo prompt and the rules, should you decide you have 100 words in you to share, or if you just want to see what all the cool kids have to say.

If something jumps out at me, I’ll share it below.

Thanks for reading!

The first one that really impressed me was Sandra Crook’s Stiff Upper Lip – it took me in a completely different direction that I first anticipated, and that, like Martha Stewart says, is the shit.

The Imaginator lived up to their name with Beast of the Bay. Holy Jules Verne, Batman!

Hints of espionage and intrigue can be found in Hannah Sears’ Gatekeeper.

Ironwoodwind’s tale Allegiance had my heart in my throat. Powerful stuff

Jan Brown’s Guarding Manny is a delight, if only for the line “the blueberries have superpowers that keep the evil rays in check.”, though the whole thing is wonderful.

Xandranihilo’s Honorable Discharge is a pure mindfuck. And I mean that as a compliment. Xandra has an exotic bird’s eye view on every subject, and manages to see through the literal to the very essence of things. The writing is somewhat stream of consciousness and will be off-putting for some, but she (oh dear god I’m assuming gender, here, please say I’m right) continues to wow me.


48 responses to “The Changing of the Guards – Friday Fictioneers

  1. In the end, the picture is supposed to be inspiration. If we let it dictate exactly what we write then everyone’s stories would be dreadfully similar.

    This made me laugh. Take comfort in the fact that, no, you’re not the only person with a two part dialogue going on in your head. I shut the boring one up with gin or whiskey sometimes, but even then she comes out and is like “You’re drunk! You’re drunk!” and the other me goes, “Yeah! That’s the point!”

    Except sometimes I say it out loud…

    Okay, I’ll stop talking now…

    • I try to avoid the obvious stories, as you may have noticed — I’m often surprised at what people come up with, but then there are always the repeats and the re-hashes — which isn’t to say that people lack imagination, darling, just that people have similar imaginations. And then, some people go so far outside the box that I wonder if they didn’t get a different picture.
      Whiskey or gin, eh? Ever tried a Greyhound? It’s my libation of choice — Grey Goose vodka and grapefruit juice.

  2. I’m glad you convinced you to participate this week. I loved this! I wasn’t certain where it was going (which is a good thing) and then when you dropped the house on it, I thought it was perfectly executed.

      • Nono. I started doing theater at 5 and performed onstage pretty much until I met MTM. By then, I was ‘of a certain age’ and did not want to devote all my nights and weekends to rehearsals and shows, so I stopped. About a year later, this whole writing thing started. Gotta have an outlet…….

      • You must have many wonderful stories of your own about that time!
        Can I also just say how grateful I am that you take the time to read and comment — I know you have 67,001 other followers and people you follow — it means a lot to me that you read (and presumably enjoy) my writing enough to say something on a regular basis.

      • Helena, the secret to connecting with people is caring and having conversations. Most bloggers do not understand that, and that’s why they fail. Just think of how many of my followers only followed me to get me to follow them, never to return. I’m more interested in the people who connect with me, and you’re one of those people. And thank you for being one of them. xo

      • Lol…wonderful idea! I’m afraid I am too long in the tooth to change such an ingrained habit now but I’ll pass your suggestion on to future double dialoggers.

  3. Great story, and thanks for the mention! BTW, one should always have a running internal dialogue, because, after all, aren’t we the most interesting people to converse with? No? Oh, well….

  4. This sounds like what was always happening to my daughter in high school. Uh the part about losing the part ot the understudy not the other part! 😀

  5. Wonder if Molly would lend me her costume if I promised to deliver my dialogues bang on 😉

    Nice work Helena!

  6. Great story, with a very convincing voice. Nothing wrong with internal dialogue, some of the best conversations I’ve had etc… When you get older, of course, you can hold these out loud and nobody minds in the least. Thanks for the mention.

  7. Can’t be much of a relationship if the girlfriend only got to understudy the smallest part. At least Molly can now say, “Have costume….”

  8. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who argues with myself. My nouns and verbs seldom agree. Fistfights have been known to break out in mid-sentence.
    Back to the story – I guess that’s why they call them “under” study – a casting couch term. Enjoyed it, Helena.

  9. Glad you decided to write a story this week, thoroughly enjoyed reading and giving a loud cheer for Molly. I’d like to think the producer’s girlfriend got her comeuppance perhaps next time?

  10. I bow to you, you always come up with something awesome. Don’t let the evil voice talk you into skipping out..

  11. Good on you Molly. I would have kept the costume too.
    PS, Helena. About that vodka – why would you dilute it with grapefruit juice, I want to know.

  12. ugh >< yes, fuck them. can't believe that horrible actress ruined one of my favorite musicals. ^^ would've kept the costume too.

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