32 Flavours and Then Some

The sweaty man looked skeptical and nervous. He’d been disappointed before, but Felicia promised that she could deliver – that he might finally be able to live out a fantasy he’d had ever since he saw that musical circus review as a child.

“At Felicia’s, we have every flavour,” the colourful woman assured him. “We have our Vanilla division, our Neopolitan division, and then we have our For Unlawful Caramel Knowledge Division…”

“And what’s that?” he asked in a hushed, lusty whisper.

“Why, that’s where your fetish comes in, dear. A piano and a harlequin, you say? How deliciously decadent!”

By John Nixon

By John Nixon


100 words exactly, darlings! Oh, I am so looking forward to reading this week’s entries! I do so hope I’m the first (it is only to dream that I might be the only) person to go where I went!

As always, I will be posting my favourites. This is for Friday Fictioneers, of course, hosted by the delightfully talented and gracious Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and more stories can be found here. This week’s photo is from John Nixon, and it’s a doozy.


Paul Clements’ He Who Laughs Last should delight and surprise.

Hannah @ Vers Les Etoiles came up something magical this week with Marvel’s Mansion of Macabre

The Bradley Chronicles’ words always give me a chill — this week’s did not disappoint.

Get used to seeing the name XandraNihilo100 show up as a recommendation. One of these days I’m going to sit down and read through their entire blog. Just give this week’s a read and you’ll know the score, too.

Head on over to the Turnip Patch for breaking news.


38 responses to “32 Flavours and Then Some

  1. Unlawful Caramel Knowledge…I giggled. My hat is off to you and my paltry offering of a story is cowering in the corner. I’m fairly certain you have gone where no other fictioneer has gone before!

  2. That’s a pretty sweet establishment you’ve created. I think this is the first man with a piano fetish I’ve read all day. (Okay ever!) This was deliciously entertaining! 😀

  3. Something tells me what’s happening in the picture isn’t quite what he’s looking for, unless he really does have some strange fetishes.

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  5. I admit I was terrified at what stories would be conjured up by the prompt. Yours did go where I thought some might, was original in the process and … I find it very hard not to pun … was tasteful.

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