Herbert the Sock Monkey – The Blair Witch Edition (Friday Fictioneers)

Herbert the Sock Monkey - The Blair Witch Edition

Herbert is a very frightened little sock monkey.

He is hiding under my bed, taking bad selfies, and crying about how scared he is.

He is a soggy, snotty mess.

Herbert and his friends found this  in the woods, and suddenly the terrifying stories they’d

Photo by EL Appleby

Photo by EL Appleby

heard about a crazy old hermit lady who cuts up stuffed animals and re-assembles them for fun didn’t seem like silly made up nonsense that Mommy and Daddy stuffed animals tell their kids to get them to go to sleep and behave themselves anymore.

What kind of monster could do that to an innocent toy?


100 Words exact-ic-ally.

I wasn’t even going to participate this week, darlings, as I’m feeling rather burned out creatively, but then Penny showed me this picture of Herbert the sock monkey, and it clicked for me.

If you don’t already know, this is part of Friday Fictioneers , a challenge to write 100 word story based on a photo prompt (this week’s by EL Appleby, thankyouverymuch). And thank you as always to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who hosts the challenge.

I guess I know what I’m doing this afternoon.

If you don’t go read this take by xandranihilo100 called “Epidermis” than you will be missing a rare treat

Or, for another take that will break your heart, try Young at Heart, by unexpectedpaths

And then there’s “God At Play” by the Equiatic Bind. There were a few ‘playing god’ takes on this prompt, but this one takes the cake. The very first line should be read and read and re-read about 5 times before you read the rest of the prompt so that you can recognize the absurdity of it.  Brilliant!


36 responses to “Herbert the Sock Monkey – The Blair Witch Edition (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. Sock Monkeys are adorable! I’m pretty late this week due to internet getting cut/busy with stuff/hangover etc. To be fair, I’m actually posting it ON Friday for once.

    Glad you decided to do FF anyway, made me laugh.

  2. Great take on the prompt – I guess we’re all monsters from a certain point of view. I feel bad for poor sock monkey though. He must have had terrible nightmares.

    • You are welcome, darling! Your avatar has such a lovely smile, so it that’s you, and I made you look like that, well, I count that a job well done indeed. Thank you for reading.

  3. It actually makes sense that stuffed animals might have an anxiety closet. Or their parents tell them scary stories to keep them in line. I wonder if there aren’t stuffed psychologists? Great read, and an original idea.

    • Thanks for reading, darling. I hope you kept the light on. I remember when I watched The Blair Witch Project for the first (and only) time, and when it was done, I had to turn on all the lights and then only turn them off one by one as I crept, trembling, off to bed.

  4. Brilliant – I loved the really long stream-of-consciousness sentence in the middle – perfect!
    You also picked three of my favourites this week to showcase – xandra nihilo especially.
    We’re clearly on the same page this week 🙂

    • Long stream-of-consciousness, or a run-on sentence in need of an editor? Ah, split the difference and call it six of one and half-dozen of the other. Xandra’s story in particular blew my fragile little mind, darling. Your picture really threw me all week — I was at a complete loss. I’m glad you enjoyed what I came up with at the 11th hour.

  5. I feel nothing for sock monkeys. Never knew them as a kid. Nor as a parent. They don’t enter my consciousness. They don’t feature in high art or literature as far as I’m aware. Nothing in the Abrahamic texts. Perhaps there was a sock monkey group once upon a time. Obviously the sock monkey is central to your rather clever, let’s-turn-the-prompt-on-its-head story so I’ll give it some respect. But only this once.

    • So what you’re saying is no more sock monkeys then? Okay, next time I’ll try something with a Cabbage Patch Doll. Thanks for reading, and for the colourful comments, which I’m taking as a compliment, and there’s nothing you can say on the matter that will make me think otherwise.

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