Better With Age – Friday Fictioneers

Trying to type and edit on your iPhone is nearly impossible, darlings, so I did all the hard work this week the old fashioned way — with paper and pencil. Even typing this in is taking forever.

I won’t necessarily be commenting much on others’ stories ’til I get back, but I’m going to have Penny edit this so she can add in the links to the rest of the Friday Fictioneers stories. I’m very proud of this one, so I hope you like it. I look forward to reading the others.

Thanks as always to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who moderates this at her site Addicted to Purple

**EDIT: Oh happy day! It seems reading these and commenting on my iPhone isn’t all that bad — so I’ll have something to do on down time.


by Janet Webb

by Janet Webb

Victor had sold a case of his favourite wine to buy Helena’s dress.

He hadn’t meant to spill wine on it, but his hand had trembled when he imagined how beautiful she’d look at the opera.

Without thinking, Victor (who was more sweet than wise) set the dress in the bathtub, and poured in the case of Merlot he’d found hidden under their bed.

Unbeknownst to Victor, Helena had returned the opera tickets and bought him a case of his favourite vintage.

Hanging the wine-stained dress to dry over the balcony, he prayed she’d still love her unique anniversary gift.


51 responses to “Better With Age – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Oh the irony! A bit like the gift of the magi, but still unique and very amusing, my dear. Poor Victor, perhaps he got tea-dyeing and wine-dyeing confused.

      • Thank you for not being offended by my recognizing the inspiration. Apparently some people are determined to be COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY UNIQUE and cannot take a compliment when it bites them in the hind-parts. Ahem.
        Dare I say 99.9% of the time I’m comparing a story with well-known literature/a story and a movie, it’s meant as a compliment.

      • *** note from the author: similarities to the O. Henry story “Gift of the Magi” is entirely intentional, and it meant as an homage, because that story is the shiznit, darlings, and people should be forced to read it — I would go so far as to espouse Clockwork Orange style enforcement of this recommendation (ie. tied down, eyelids forced open, etc…)
        NOTE #2: there is a BIG difference between an homage of this type and, well, anything Stephanie Meyer writes.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Couldn’t even have said it as well myself. But then your ways with words are simply wicked, as you are well aware.

        Cheers to O. Henry and may Stephanie Meyers be tarred and glittered.

  2. Haha.. I had not read yours before I wrote mine..they certainly compliment each other : )

  3. Ah, your cynical heart HAS been pierced and to wonderful effect!! About 180 degrees from last week, wouldn’t you say? I like this very much and I like the line the he was more sweet than wise. He sounds like a lovely, loving man.


    • Alas, he is fictional, darling. I try to create different worlds, some of which are outside of my comfort zone. I hope I was was as successful this week at creating something beautiful and tragically ironic as I was last week at creating something truly ugly and awful.
      I appreciate the fact that you specifically have taken the time to read and evaluate both honestly and fairly. Your writing is wonderful, so your praise means a lot.
      Thank you.

    • Ha! Would you believe that I originally had a very specific Cab Sauv in mind, but made it Merlot because of the word count? Indeed, it would have been a shame to waste all that delicious Cab, darling! Thank you for your kind words.

  4. What a sweetie! ! And I’m sure to incur your wrath when I say that I don’t get the literary reference – but I’ll look it up! A lovely read!

  5. Dear Helena,
    I’m smiling at all the O. Henry references. Recognized the magi influence immediately and am happy others did as well. It seems that one of my favorite authors is largely forgotten in the present day. Lovely story, my dear. Lovely indeed.

  6. I remembered the content of the story but not the author. Thankfully it’s O. Henry. Well done. Prior to writing my own stories I read some of my favourite authors to get a bit a zing with regard to style and how to etc. Favourite writers at present being Doris Lessing (always) and Laurie Lee (at the moment).

  7. Ditto on the gift story. I love the contemporary twist of wine and the opera and how this couple enjoys a certain quality of life, yet still cannot afford both the opera and the fancy drinks. I would like to read more about these two.

  8. You are so clever! I loved this one, him so touchingly trying to be good. And the Henry O style is great! Bravo. 🙂

  9. Like the story of the woman who sold her hair to buy her husband a gift and the husband had sold something of his to buy her a comb.
    A great flash.

    • The story you’re referring to is called Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, and yes, this was a homage to that. As you can see by others’ comments, it’s clear that I wasn’t very subtle about it! I’m glad you enjoyed it, darling.

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