It’s Friday, I’m In Love

I recently read someone’s blog (and I will be directing my dear readers there in the upcoming Praise From Caesar, so don’t worry, darlings) and they made a bold declaration that has stuck with me, and I believe will stay with me a long long time. Maybe forever.
They said that they fall in love every day. That their passion for life was such that there was something — some big thing, some little thing, some meaningless thing, some insignificant thing — every day that made them fall in love.
Me, I get so wrapped up in stressful times, or approaching storm clouds that I forget the little things that make it wonderful to be alive.
If you think that sounds trite, then why haven’t you thrown yourself off a bridge yet?
I know depression, and I have faced the bleak darkness, so don’t think I’m being glib about the bridge thing.
There is something — I’m sure there’s something, every day, that makes it worthwhile to continue breathing. It may not always be so — in fact, I hear that is time goes on, the death rate approaches 100% — but while I’m here — as long as I have breath to draw and words to speak, I am going to fall in love with every day, rain or shine.
Life is silly, life is ugly, life is sobering, life is beautiful.
Life is short and brutal, life is long and lovely.
It’s Friday, and if for no other reason other than that it’s Friday, I’m in love.


8 responses to “It’s Friday, I’m In Love

  1. Today I am in love with the Doctor Who Policebox Birthday I crafted most of the night. It will be eaten by voracious 11 year olds who won’t give a shit I slaved through the night, my mother will probably have to hold me back during the destruction, but it will all be worth it for the look on my child’s face when he sees it. I am now absolved from Bad Mommydom. I hope my love for the cake will outweigh my “not love” for birthday parties.

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