Friday Fictioneers – Morning Clarity

kent-bonhamThis place is a lot nicer the morning after falling from the fourth floor terrace.

Right now I can’t move without everything screaming.  It’s quieter this morning than I recall it being last night. Where are the drunken carousers, the street musicians? Where is that asshole in the Armani knock-off jacket who kept feeding me Ouzo until I vomited licorice-smelling foulness all up the stairs to my room, where he tried to force himself on me and then…

Oh, right.

I roll off his lifeless, bloody body, stare up at the lovely hotel, and listen to the oncoming sirens.

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I’ve also linked back to a story that I quite enjoyed below:


29 responses to “Friday Fictioneers – Morning Clarity

  1. Well, if you’re going to have to put up with an asshole in the Armani knock-off jacket, then you might as well use him to break your fall!
    Brilliant 🙂

  2. You know you’ve had a bad night when you have a morning like that one! Of course, his was worse. 🙂 A different type of falling for someone, that’s for sure.


    • Thanks for browsing, darling! I’m glad you liked what you found. That first line is kind of crucial to the last line — I’d hoped it was subtle enough not to spoil the ending — the kind of thing you have to go back and read again and ask yourself “how did I miss that the first time?”

  3. A very engaging and witty piece of flash fiction, which captures my attention throughout. I love the way you write, Helena, you have such character, you’re addictive.

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