But Where Do They Buy Diapers?

On a gloomy, rainy, miserable day, I heard just what I needed to hear on the news this morning — a happy little story about a young couple in the small village of Los Giles, Spain, who welcomed a brand new baby girl into the world three weeks ago. What’s special about this baby is that it’s the first baby born in this village in forty-five years!

Consider for a moment, darlings,  the implications of this — and I’m not going to go all “Children of Men“, but this village is going to be sorely unprepared for life with a baby. In a town where they haven’t had a baby in forty-five years, where does one acquire a pacifier? Or a sippy cup? Or a jolly jumper? Or a cute little onesie that reads ALL MOMMY REALLY WANTED WAS A BACK RUB ? Consider also, that the average age in this village is about sixty, and then picture asking a bunch of sixty-year-olds to child-proof their homes.

Chances are, you’re going to get a lot of responses that begin with the words “Back in my day…”

Or maybe I’m being very North-American-centric. Maybe little Ainara will grow up never knowing the taste of Gripe water, but instead, will have Sangria rubbed on her little aching gums. I don’t know. Hell, I have to wonder if thebuying_lg_diapers doctor who delivered the baby had to look up the procedure in a medical journal — and then, the big question on everyone’s mind — in a town where they haven’t had a baby in forty-five years, where do they buy diapers?


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